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The Auto Mediator strives to provide value to our legal clients at every stage of litigation.  When used early, we have been able to provide our most amazing results – and for good reason – at the discovery stage we can ensure that your clients are able to document real damage or the bogus nature of fraudulent claims.  In fact, we have found that the more experienced and proficient the attorney is with property damage claims, the sooner they retain us in their cases.  


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Most attorneys are unaware of the number of places that they can discover key documents and other critical information that are necessary to properly evaluate a claim.  When in the rare occasions where full disclosure is provided, the key information contained in those documents are too often overlooked to the detriment of both the client and the valuation of claims.  

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We also aid our legal clients with a working understanding of the key relationships between the different businesses that create the automotive chain that ended with the purchase of the vehicle at issue.  Similarly, clients who wish to proceed on their own (albeit recklessly) find value in our services as a reference, resource, and referral.   Needless to say, we serve as expert witnesses for both sides and sometimes just for a second opinion.  Call us, we are friendly and ready to serve.  

Automotive Valuation

Diminished Value

Prior Accident Detection

Auto Dealership business practices

New/Used car Dealer Sales Practices

Dealership advertising practices

Dealer Fraud

Criminal cases

Factory defects

Auto Auction standards and practices

Auction Arbitration issues

Lemon Law issues

Dealer vs. Dealer issues




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