Did you receive the exact same rental as your car?

Most people don’t know but you may be entitled to a recoverable Loss of Use of your vehicle from the “at fault” party.  This loss can range in the thousands of dollars.

Some of our most recent claims have been BMW, Audi and Lexus clients that have been given generic rental cars (such as Impala’s or Camry’s) that are on average $80-$100 per day less than a luxury car’s rental rate.  Depending on the amount of days you are out of your vehicle, this loss can be very large.

Our reports detail the comp’s and give a clear cut structure of what the recoverable loss could be in these cases.

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Laws differ by state and may or may not permit your claim for additional recoverable loss. We are not attorneys and we do not attempt to practice law. We can analyze your claim for free and see if you qualify considering your circumstances.