Cadillac crx auto appraisal

Cadillac apprasied

PROBLEM: DIMINISHED VALUE OFFER: $599 AFTER DV REPORT : $7000 CADILLAC SRX SUV “The Auto Mediator was exactly that…a mediator, appraiser, great source of information, outstanding! He really cared about my case from initial body shop work (OEM parts, etc.) to Diminished Value he knew exactly what to do and his report was IRON CLAD. When I had questions he was always responding. Even the insurance company hired an opposing appraiser and at one point sent me a check for $599 on my New Cadillac SRX and that wasn’t going to fly for Steve. Auto Mediator followed through till the end result of $7000 DV, yes outstanding his service was!”

Chuck L.- Phoenix, AZ