Winner of a Contest

We can help facilitate a proper settlement on the sale of your car. Whether its New, Used or Grey market our experts can mediate and help with the success of the liquidation.


“I’m a Canadian national who won a Maserati in a contest. A car broker was referred to me that could help me liquidate the vehicle for cash. After I was told the price the broker wanted to pay me, I thought it was way too low for such an exotic car and needed a neutral mediator to help me out.

I contacted and he allowed me to decide what I thought the price should be, had the vehicle inspected by a professional Ferrari mechanic, got me the price I could live with and feel good about, even express shipped my funds and his fee was well worth it. I put my trust in Steven by sending my car and title to him and he did exactly what he said he would without any digression. Thanks Auto Mediator! ”

-Scott F.
Alberta, Canada

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