1. Does the Appraiser have experience in the Largest Car Market in the U.S.?*

2. Has the Appraiser managed a Dealer Auto Auction and understand true values of vehicles currently in the marketplace? With current important data/information from industry professionals in Dealerships, Auctions, Body shops, Frame Repair facilities, Rental car companies and Legal professionals that deal with Automotive issues?

3. Does your appraiser have all the necessary tools such as : accident history reports, book value & market guide programs for dealers (not available to public), auction results and real sales data from their own auction?

4. Knowledge of the policies and procedures in Certification programs by Dealerships which can directly relate to the market value of a vehicle, which in turn create value in an appraisal?

5. Understand how to read an opposing Valuation report and understand the reasons why it is incorrect or devalued?

6. Certified by the International Auto Appraisers Association?

7. Professional appointee, Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles (Central Dist., Dept 56) court appointed expert witness.

8. Court Appointed expert for Los Angeles County Public defenders office on matters related to vehicles and vehicle valuation.

9. Have they Mediated Automotive VALUATION issues between savvy “hard nosed” dealers for over 15 years?

10. Did they train at the best program in the U.S. for Mediation and Dispute Resolution?**

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*Based on NADA reports of CA new car sales as of 2011

**US News and World Report Ranked #1 ADR school