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If you need an auto total loss appraisal, an automotive expert witness, or an evaluation of an automobile for any reason, The Auto Mediator offers experience and expertise.

No matter where you are in the United States, we can provide a total loss appraiser. With 25 years in the auto business, our expertise includes a variety of services.

In the case of car accidents or fraud cases, we provide appraisals for inherent diminished value and total loss.

Perhaps you need an auto appraisal for a divorce case or estate disbursement. If issues become too complicated between auto appraisers in your total loss case, we offer “Umpire  Services” and mediation provided by staff trained at The Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution Pepperdine School of Law. 

If required, we can act as expert witnesses for legal clients. Umpire services are specific to total loss cases only.

After more than two decades, we know exactly what to look for when assessing a vehicle. 

We keep up with industry best practices, and we have the specialized tools at our disposal to provide accurate and dependable evaluations. We work smart to give you the most accurate appraisal.


Auto Appraisals Services

Diminished Value

Diminished Value (DV) is the loss in a vehicle’s market value as a result of having been in accident and repaired. It depends on the severity of the damages endured and the quality and preciseness of the repair.

Total Loss

A fully customized documented report from a professional appraiser will create a rock solid foundation to prove your car is valued correctly.

Expert Witness

We have been able to provide the most amazing results – and for good reason – at the discovery stage we can ensure that your clients are able to document real damage or the bogus nature of fraudulent claims.


Expert Witness

Most attorneys are unaware of the number of places that they can discover key documents and other critical information that are necessary to properly evaluate a claim.


Anywhere in the United States


Diminished Value

If you had two of the same cars placed side by side, one had a prior accident, the other did not. Would they both worth the same?


Diminished Value

If you had two of the same cars placed side by side, one had a prior accident, the other did not. Would they both worth the same?


Features & Benefits

  • 25 years of experience successfully operating in largest car market in U.S.
  • Trained at the best program in the U.S. for Mediation and Dispute Resolution.
  • Certified by IAAA, the nation’s only recognized auto appraisal organization.
  • Hired as “top-gun” expert witness by some of the largest U.S. Auto Manufacturers, Department of Justice, Auto Auctions.

We are the forefront of the automotive appraisal and total loss claims industry.


From Our Clients

The amazing comprehensive and detailed appraisal report he wrote, I was able to get reimbursed over $10,000 dollars for Loss of Use on top of what I received for my Diminished Value Claim.

Aivi P.


Our Tesla rear ended, Steve’s Report recovered $9,000…Steve provided guidance throughout and was key to our getting the settlement.

Mike M
– San Pablo, CA


Mr. Proto was called to testify in-front of a jury. Mr. Proto's testimony helped us secure a verdict of over $40,000 for the client. I would recommend his services to anyone dealing with diminished value or loss of use.

Michael H
– Hafif Stonehouse law group


Steve’s deposition testimony was instrumental in our Lemon Law case. He was detailed, backed up his assertions with data and confidently knew his facts which was very helpful.

Carey Wood
– Lemon Law Experts