Honda Civic DV Claims

“I called around to several auto appraisers (some out of state) and I felt as though I was in a military recruiting station. They only wanted my credit card, a few photos, and 5 lines of info. They rubbed my the wrong way until I landed on Santa Monica based Auto Mediator Steve. He took the time, HE KNOWS CARS, he was articulate and I came up from San Diego to his inspection station and he pointed out repair issues that needed to be fixed. I submitted his report and without hesitation State Farm paid the full Diminished Value amount on my Honda Civic Mugen ($7495.00). The Auto mediator even helped me find a Toyota Dealer in my area (because of his many connections) get my new Tacoma Truck. He’s a no BS guy and I appreciate that . Thank You Auto Mediator!”

Ernie C
– Escondido, CA

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