1. Does your Appraiser have over 20 years experience in the Automotive Field?

Auto Mediator has and prices vehicles daily with current market data that is proprietary and proven.

2. Is your report from an independent appraiser not a dealership sales mgr?

Most Insurance companies want qualified experts in the industry that write appraisals routinely and have concrete reports that explain different elements such as prior loss value, post loss value, true diminished value-backed by real hard numbers, auction results, etc.

3. Are you getting an accurate appraisal?

We use real auction data in our reports from our own dealer auto auction (brokerage).

4. Insurance companies are asking me for an appraisal?

Having dealt with insurance companies on several fronts auto mediator can provide concrete reports that explain diminished value, total loss appraisals, insurance appraisals, etc. that insurance companies have honored and paid claims through while protecting their clients interests.

5. What about my loss of use?

Your complete report will come with comps of like-kind rental cars that can potentially increase the size of your claim (example: a Lexus es350 client of was given a Chevy Malibu rental replacement for 20 days while their car was being repaired. That was a difference of $100 a day x 20 days = $2000.