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A total loss evaluation should be conducted by a licensed auto appraiser. Auto appraisers that you find on the internet offering cheap, pre-programmed total loss appraisal services that can be generated instantly will give you just what you pay for: a cheap product that doesn’t reflect the true value of your vehicle. Don’t fall prey!

A fully customized documented report from a professional appraiser who explains specific details in regards to your car and analyzes the marketplace will create a rock solid foundation to prove your car is valued correctly.

Who said this?

I constantly hear people tell me that the comparable cars used in their total loss appraisal reports are on vehicles that are less than the same quality as theirs. They have branded titles, substandard body work or even worse– structural damage; this in turn brings down the values of their total loss appraisals. Call The Auto Mediator today and find out what the real valuation of your vehicle is.

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The Process

The insurance company will usually provide the mandatory market valuation of your vehicle.

This report is most likely provided by J.D. Power, CCC, Audatex or another company and will usually have a large amount of data and can at times have inaccuracies such as salvage, prior accident damage, frame damage or other important pertinent features left out.

If unhappy with this evaluation, usually the insurance company will ask you to get an independent appraisal report.

Selecting an independent automotive appraiser is the most important decision you will make during this process. You can always do some of your own homework and look at the value of vehicles compared to just as if you were to buy the same make and model car you already have. Pay attention to details; most companies do not. Not including details can devalue your car immensely. Contact an auto appraiser that is fully competent and has a CV that will stand on its own…you might need it.

Send the auto appraiser’s report to the insurance company and either:

  • Get paid.
  • Their appraiser contacts your auto appraiser, and they both agree on a fair valuation.
  • Both appraisers choose umpire candidates that are mutually agreed upon, and both the insurance company and insured pay equal parts for the umpire services fee (in some cases when an umpire cannot be agreed upon by both appraisers they might have to petition the court). All this depends on how the insurance policy is written, of course.
  • A decision is made based on the two appraisal reports and the simple evidence provided.

If you need a licensed car value appraiser for an auto total loss appraisal, diminished value calculation, an automotive expert witness, or an evaluation of an automobile for any reason, The Auto Mediator offers experience and skill.

As you can see above, when push comes to shove and a body of evidence is needed, you must have all your ducks in a row to prove your claim. A true independent auto appraiser who is active in the current automotive auction arena with detailed knowledge of vehicle specifics and proprietary research data can provide a clear, concise body of evidence that is indisputable. Choosing the best automotive appraiser you can will definitely help you in achieve success.

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From Our Clients

Auto Mediator’s report, guidance, and expertise recovered me $18,000 vs an original amount of $3k on my Geico DV Claim.

Willie Zuniga


The amazing comprehensive and detailed appraisal report he wrote, I was able to get reimbursed over $10,000 dollars for Loss of Use on top of what I received for my Diminished Value Claim.

Aivi P.