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When you need a car value appraiser to help mediate a dispute, remember that our staff is trained by The Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at the Pepperdine School of Law.

“It’s not a deal unless you agree to it.” Our mediation services are simple and direct; if you are not in agreement to the deal, then there is none. Making both parties happy is sometimes an uphill battle but, we employ our training to help you to get past hurdles.

Mediation can help both sides of the fence in many cases; whether its dealer contracts, dealer fraud, unhappy customers, lemon law, dealer v. dealer, bond issues, contest winner discrepancy’s, tax issues, divorce settlement assets, proper disclosure in auto purchases and a host of other difficult automotive issues that an experienced automotive professional mediator can help get you past the problem saving you time and money in legal fees and court costs that could end up with less than a better result had you mediated.

Mauro D Andrea

Did you know?

Even if a dealer sold a consumer a car with acknowledgment of the previous accident history, lawsuits have been filed debating the misrepresentation of the actual extent of previous damage.

For example; some consumers are suing that they bought a car being told that it had been in a fender bender when in actuality it had suffered more serious damages. Even if the consumer signed off acknowledging they understand the accident history report the severity of the accident can be in question.

Carfax and Autocheck history reports might only show very simple signs of a previous accident or they may not even have an accident reported at time of purchase or even at all, since only a third of all accidents appear on these history reports.



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From Our Clients

Steve’s deposition testimony was instrumental in our Lemon Law case. He was detailed, backed up his assertions with data and confidently knew his facts which was very helpful.

Carey Wood
– Lemon Law Experts


Our Tesla rear ended, Steve’s Report recovered $9,000…Steve provided guidance throughout and was key to our getting the settlement.

Mike M
– San Pablo, CA