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Auto Mediator Assists in Class Certification Denial in Volkswagen Lawsuit

Federal judge ruled in favor of our client, denying class certification in this major consumer fraud class action.

Counsel for Volkswagen retained Auto Mediator in this consumer fraud class action. Auto Mediator founder, Steve Proto’s analysis, was instrumental in the judge’s (U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia) decision in denying class certification.

Mauro D Andrea

Mr. Proto argued in his expert report that several factors were overlooked, such as: historical events, condition reports, mileage adjustments, vehicle grading, automotive standards, structural components, and CPO standards, to name a few.

January 2022, the judge denied class certification stating, “the plaintiff expert’s proposed testimony is not based on any reliable methodology.”

Mauro D Andrea

Just as in many defendant cases, Auto Mediator can aid in all types of Insurance Company Auto Appraisals:

  1. Automotive Valuation
  2. Diminished Value
  3. Prior Accident Detection
  4. Auto Dealership business practices
  5. Tesla Specialist
  6. Autopilot issues
  7. New/Used car Dealer Sales Practices
  8. Dealership advertising practices
  9. Dealer Fraud
  10. Criminal cases
  11. Factory defects
  12. Auto Auction standards and practices
  13. Auction Arbitration issues
  14. Lemon Law issues
  15. Dealer vs. Dealer issues
  16. Wrongful Death
  17. Structural Issues
  18. Warranty Issues
  19. Discrimination
  20. Leasing Issues
  21. Lease equity
  22. Financing
  23. Power booking
  24. Title History

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From Our Clients

I was very happy when after submitting Auto Mediator's Diminished Value report the other side immediately acknowledged his expertise and his brand. I was able to recover the fair amount $70,000+.

Maria B


The amazing comprehensive and detailed appraisal report he wrote, I was able to get reimbursed over $10,000 dollars for Loss of Use on top of what I received for my Diminished Value Claim.

Aivi P.