Auto Appraisers Help Get a Fair Divorce Settlement for Her

Professional Vehicle Valuation

Getting your fair share in a divorce settlement often requires an auto appraisal. Whether it’s an amicable parting or open warfare, you want to get a fair shake. If your spouse has a passion for vehicles, those toys must be thrown into the community property pot along with everything else and appraised. He may call that classic 1956 T-bird his baby, but it’s fair game in a divorce settlement!

Your spouse might need to sell his prized possession to pay you your share of what it’s worth.

Getting a vehicle appraisal from an expert gives you the most accurate valuation.

We have done hundreds of appraisals for divorce settlements on vehicles such as , EV’s, RV’s, UTV’s, Baja trucks, and classic sports cars.

Don’t lose money by trying to take a shortcut and using a free calculator. This can undervalue a vehicle and cost you in the long run. Get a proper appraisal done.

Here’s another thing to think about. Does he have equity in his daily driver? In today’s market even a leased vehicle can be in an equitable position. We can help you factor this into the divorce settlement.

We specialize in vehicles and the value they possess. With over twenty years in the appraisal business, we have the tools and expertise to give you accurate valuation, whether it’s for a divorce settlement, a car you’re looking to buy, or a diminished value case.

Remember: The appraised values of your vehicles are counted as assets that will be divided per the terms outlined in the divorce decree.

Auto Mediator will work with you to ensure your that your vehicle is properly valued.

Our appraisals have been accepted by the courts, vehicle manufacturers, accountants, etc. and we participate in continuing education every year.
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From Our Clients

Steve’s deposition testimony was instrumental in our Lemon Law case. He was detailed, backed up his assertions with data and confidently knew his facts which was very helpful.

Carey Wood
– Lemon Law Experts


The amazing comprehensive and detailed appraisal report he wrote, I was able to get reimbursed over $10,000 dollars for Loss of Use on top of what I received for my Diminished Value Claim.

Aivi P.