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In most cases when both the insured party’s appraiser and the insurance company’s appraiser (when at an impasse) cannot come to an agreement on an appraisal amount for a vehicle, this will usually lead to (depending on the auto property damage insurance policy-total loss umpire appraisal clause in most of today’s policies) a third independent and unbiased party called an Umpire. This can be a difficult process and non effective. Due to the fact that neither side or neither auto appraiser can agree on choosing an unbiased umpire appraiser.

This position is usually handled by an auto expert or independent auto appraiser with no interest involved. This is where we thrive in not only having a fair and knowledgeable view but with superior training at Pepperdine University’s Straus Institute for dispute resolution we learn that being a truly effective umpire (and mediator) we need to put any biased views aside and listen to both sides, utilize our automotive knowledge and not have any affiliations or interest that would ever factor into out decision making process.

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Mauro D Andrea
We have been hired by insurance companies, private parties, dealers and lawyers with no special interest favored to either side. We are truly Independent. This has always been the core of our mediation principles and we stick to them giving both parties an equal opportunity to explain their case. When you hire us for umpire selection you are getting the experience of a trained mediator that has been automotive professional for over 20 years.

Get what you need to get the job done effectively and expediently. We don’t believe in elongating the process, but moving it along. With skill and experience we believe in solving the issues simply and understanding each case that is put in front of us. Both parties will have their say and when waking away from the table they will have always been heard. Modified mediation available.

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From Our Clients

Our Law firm recently obtained a record settlement of $87,350 for diminished value and loss of use to a 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S based on Steve's report.

Russ Kerr
– Kerr and Sheldon law firm


Thanks Steve for helping to put an extra $20,000 in my pocket!
Porsche GTS, Total Loss claim

Todd B
– Gold Hill, OR