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If you are the executor of a will or are a lawyer, accountant, trustee, or family member involved in the dissolution of an estate, you may have experienced the need to learn a vehicle’s value. Auto appraisals can often be a challenging part of the probate process.

Auto Mediator can help in the dissolution of estates by providing unbiased, accurate vehicle appraisals. All of our reports are prepared by “certified appraisers” who are well-versed in creating a customized document for each and every vehicle that meets the standards and requirements of the IRS, state agencies, and the courts.

That’s an important factor when you are filing documents with revenue authorities. Should an estate be contested in court, having an accurate and detailed appraisal on any autos owned by the deceased is essential to ensure that all parties are treated fairly and will help allow any proceeds to be evenly distributed among inheritors while often eliminating or minimizing disputes that might arise otherwise.

Mauro D Andrea

Having qualified estate settlement auto appraisals can also come into play in determining inheritance taxes.

A well-documented appraisal can save thousands in taxes by providing the IRS with clear, accurate figures, rather than allowing them to estimate a value that may or may not reflect the actual fair market value of the car. Furthermore, knowing the value of the vehicle in relation to any tax obligations can assist your interaction with inheritors in helping to decide the best way to handle the vehicle in the estate settlement.

At Auto Mediator, we stand ready to offer our expertise to your estate auto appraisal needs.

We understand the intricacies involved while also being mindful of the sensitivities you are facing. With Auto Mediator, we are confident that you will appreciate the benefits we provide. Rest assured, you can count on the consistent level of quality and professionalism that we always deliver for our clients. Our Certification Standards bind us to confidentiality through the USAAP.

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From Our Clients

Mr. Proto was called to testify in-front of a jury. Mr. Proto's testimony helped us secure a verdict of over $40,000 for the client. I would recommend his services to anyone dealing with diminished value or loss of use.

Michael H
– Hafif Stonehouse law group


I was very happy when after submitting Auto Mediator's Diminished Value report the other side immediately acknowledged his expertise and his brand. I was able to recover the fair amount $70,000+.

Maria B