Dealership Practices

Let Auto Mediator help navigate your Dealership Practices or Factory Direct to Consumer cases.

Our years of acting as consultants/expert witnesses have consistently delivered proven results on both sides of the aisle.

Are you a dealer being wrongfully accused of fraudulent practices?

Or a customer who had good intentions and bought a vehicle who later found out it was not what you were told?

Auto Mediator’s years of experience in complex legal cases can help in the consult phase to identify the issues at hand and hone in on the specific factors that will lead to and ensure a positive outcome.

We understand Dealer DMV practices, Codes and guidelines set forth by state and local governments, which when violated or followed, can affect the outcome of your case.

Being a licensed dealer gives us the “boots on the ground” knowledge of the ever-changing, fast paced vehicle retail business and the different pitfalls and nuances that can infringe on a what should be a joyful transaction.

Mauro D Andrea

See how we can help you in any of the following cases:

  1. Dealer Fraud
  2. Auto Valuation
  3. Auto Auction practices
  4. Diminished Value
  5. Recalls
  6. Tesla Specialist
  7. Autopilot Issues
  8. Wrongful Death
  9. New/Used Autos
  10. Lemon Law
  11. Structural Issues
  12. Warranty Issues
  13. Discrimination
  14. Leasing Issues
  15. Lease equity
  16. Financing
  17. Power booking
  18. Title History
  19. MSRP Sticker
  20. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
  21. Auto Loan credit approval

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From Our Clients

Our Tesla rear ended, Steve’s Report recovered $9,000…Steve provided guidance throughout and was key to our getting the settlement.

Mike M
– San Pablo, CA


Thanks Steve for helping to put an extra $20,000 in my pocket!
Porsche GTS, Total Loss claim

Todd B
– Gold Hill, OR