A DV Calculator Is not an Auto Appraiser

Accurate Car Appraisal for Diminished Value

Using a free online DV calculator can be a huge mistake when you need a car appraisal for diminished value. Online calculators are not as good as an automobile appraiser at providing accurate DV calculation because they work with standard figures applied to all vehicles. Such a cookie cutter approach ignores your car’s unique worth. It can be very costly in the long run.

The diminished value calculator can easily undervalue your vehicle. The dollar amount these online tools can lead you to report on your DV claim may be thousands less than your individual car is really worth.

How can a generic online calculator include the specific, individual maintenance history, prior paintwork and detailed knowledge of your exact vehicle? Leaving out important vital facts can seriously devalue your car, resulting in a financial hit.

Don’t waste time and money on generic reports; To recover maximum diminished value you need a professional appraisal report. We can tell you how we arrive at our numbers. Our report contains vital information that pertains to your vehicle that can be used in a court of law. Our report will take into account the specifics of your vehicle as well as any modifications and specialties it might have.

We are a full-service auto appraiser that offers phone support to our clients. Don’t trust a computer-generated figure from a company that makes money on up-selling and additional gimmick purchases. Get your auto appraisal from an expert.

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From Our Clients

Our Law firm recently obtained a record settlement of $87,350 for diminished value and loss of use to a 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S based on Steve's report.

Russ Kerr
– Kerr and Sheldon law firm


I was very happy when after submitting Auto Mediator's Diminished Value report the other side immediately acknowledged his expertise and his brand. I was able to recover the fair amount $70,000+.

Maria B