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About the Auto MediatorProven; Hired by Lawyers, Dealer’s, Companies and Individuals we are the auction. With over 15 years running an auto auction we have our own proprietary resources that value vehicles that other companies use as a guide.  We don’t have to go outside of our network we utilize our current dealer base to pull real-time values and authentic ACV (actual cash value) creating a wealth of indisputable factual dependable evidence no other auto appraiser has the availability to do.


Knowledge; Training and experience is our core.  Keeping up with the latest and best practiced methods gives us the power to provide compelling factual data which can resolve unique cases.  Knowing about past history reports, vehicle evaluation guides, dealer practices and procedures can make or break the difference in your case.  Ask yourself how much credibility and true knowledge of what your vehicle is worth can be left for a pre sorted computer program or an internet app compared to an in-the-field industry expert that is hands on and dealing with industry leaders and dealerships understanding the specific detrimental facts that can only create weight in proving your case.  Having unique and powerful tools is one of our strong points and when needing the burden of proof on your side we aim to please.

Quality; We are focused on providing personalized, step-by-step, strong evidence which enables our clients to accomplish winning results.  Whether its an initial question about a service, phone support, or hashing it out with an opposing company, we attend to the clients needs and put them first.

We are are the forefront of the automotive appraisal and total loss claims industry.

We believe having experience only helps us if you are still willing to learn.  Thats why attending and completing Pepperdine’s School of Law “Mediating the Litigated Case” at Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution allows us to hone our skills and keep up with the latest ADR techniques used worldwide. The Straus Institute at Pepperdine has been ranked as the #1 law school dispute resolution program in the nation by U.S. News and World Report. We believe not only knowledge but rolling up our sleeves and sweating it out is what experience is.  Being in the automotive field for over twenty years our street knowledge get us where we need go and our results prove it.

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We are a fully independent auto appraiser.  USAAP Compliant, ADVA compliant.  Recognized in the automotive industry as an expert in appraising and evaluating vehicles for various venues; Diminished Value, Total Loss, Dealership Business Practices, Dealer Fraud, Salvage, Lemon Law and Disputed value among others. Registered and Approved by; Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys, an expert referral company to the legal profession.

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